I can't say enough about Colette's ability to empower, encourage and uplift women.

I was lucky enough to be a part of one of Colette's "This Is Me" small group workshops. I can't say enough about Colette's ability to empower, encourage and uplift women. It is amazing to see how Colette brings women together, brings out the best version of them, and does not skip a beat in the process. I enjoyed every minute of working with Colette, it's very clear that her guidance and amazing advice comes from someone who truly cares about your success. I am a single working mom of two, just back into the work force after seven years. I use the tools I learned in the workshop in everyday life. These tools and her coaching are helping me on days when I think I can't, that I absolutely can! Xx Jen

Colette has helped me balance all of this while helping me become as successful as possible in all aspects

Working with Colette has changed a lot for me. Being a very busy college student trying to navigate my social life as well as starting my career, things can pile up and become very challenging. Colette has helped me balance all of this while helping me become as successful as possible in all aspects. We work on confidence, professionalism, and work ethic. We have worked through issues in my social life without loosing focus on the importance of my work life. Without the help of Colette I would not be able to juggle multiples jobs, being a full time student, heavily involved in clubs, as well as a vibrant social life. Colette proves that it can be done and pushes me to be a powerful woman in everything I do. I can feel confident going into new situations knowing that I am strong and I can handle myself in a professional way after working with Colette. - Alexa O.

If you have the chance to work with her, jump at the chance!

I recently signed up for Colette’s four-part “Monday’s at Noon” women’s empowerment workshop. Using her wonderful “This is Me” workshop materials as a springboard for each session, Colette quickly made our small group feel comfortable sharing with each other. The workshop’s goal was to provide the necessary tools to help each of us become a better version of ourselves. Often challenging, always thought-provoking and deeply insightful, the workshop delivered what it promised. Thanks to Colette, I met a group of great group of smart, funny and strong women. She truly is wonderful empowerment coach. If you have the chance to work with her, jump at the chance!

Colette is a great resource

Colette is a great resource for helping people to overcome their challenges and meet their specific life goals. - Jackie M.

So amazing in helping me make the transition to college!

Despite her crazy busy life Colette will always finds time to talk to you even if its for 5 mins or 5 hours. Being an 18 year old girl, everything about life is new and confusing and i think the most important thing that Colette has shown me is that being confused is perfectly normal and its okay not to be okay sometimes. Theres so much happening with my senior year ending abruptly, college starting soon, and friendships changing that having such a motivational and strong figure to look up to and check in with is so irreplaceable. -Avery S

Colette is just what I need as I adjust to college life!

Being part of something so empowering as the #thisisme campaign and working so close with Colette has inspired me to strive to become a better version of myself everyday. Weather it be constant reminders of how to live a healthier life style or focus on the positives in life, encouragement to believe in myself and overcome my flaws, and even sometimes just a person to talk to when I was having a rough day, I know I could always go to Colette. She understood how hard it can be adjusting to life at college and dealing with all the stress that comes with it (especially with me playing a sport while also balancing school and a social life) and always gave me the best advice ❤️

Start thriving!

Eating was always a mindless act to me that I never gave much thought to. Colette has taught me how to fuel my body properly to get more out of every day and start thriving rather than just surviving.

Got my energy back

I wanted to work with Colette because I wasn’t feeling as energetic or healthy as I knew I should be for my age. She showed me how to feed my body and handle cravings all while being completely satisfied.

An eye opening experience

I signed up for one of Colette’s five day cleanses hoping to just get through at least 3 of the 5 days. Not only did I complete the cleanse but was able to actually learn the difference between what my body wants and what it needs. Being vegan for five days taught me more about my mental health than I was prepared for. It was truly an eye-opening experience and something I will incorporate every three months to help me stay on track. -Becky

Plateau Breakthrough!

I had hit a weightless plateau when I came to see Colette. Her week long cleanse helped me jump start my metabolism and gave me some amazing recipes, tips and products to try. I’m happy to say that I am loosing weight again, but the best part is that I feel great. Sleeping well and motivated by Colette to focus on myself for a change. Colette’s cleanse was an all around fabulous experience which I plan to do again soon! -Whitney

Fab in 5!

I had the pleasure of working with Colette for a detox last month. I can tell you without a doubt she is one of the best in the Hamptons. There were a handful of us in the group and brought a wealth of knowledge, compassion and empathy when discussing each of our individual goals and struggles. Not only did she lay out ways to improve our health and wellness, she checked in throughout the day with inspirational words and helped us to hold ourselves and each other accountable. This relationship with her will be long lasting because I have total trust in her sincerity, intelligence and work ethic. -Heidi

I loved participating in Fab In !

The timing for me in participating in this cleanse was about 6 weeks after partaking in a 3 month one-on-one coaching program. Her program was a huge success for me. It upped my level of exercise and gave me new healthy nutrition habits! I am now down to one cup of coffee per day. Anytime I work with Colette I feel inspired to push myself to my personal best, plus a little more. She is supportive and challenges you to be a better version of who you really are. I would highly recommend the program for any who has truly not stepped out of their everyday nutrition and exercise routines recently. Everyone will come away learning something from the experience. –Angela

What an amazing week!

Thank you so much Colette. It was a week full of invaluable information along with awesome workouts, recipes, tips and laughter. I especially enjoyed the workouts, the great recipes and the shopping at the end. I loved how every day was something different and themed. It was so well thought out and organized and did I mention fun. Got to meet some great women as well. Thank you again you are a Rockstar Health Coach!

—Melissa Webster

Colette Lettieri’s “Fab in Five” was just as she professes…Fabulous!

It is hard to believe just 5 days can have such an impact on you. Honestly it was so much more than I ever expected.

Colette is so wonderful! She’s knowledgeable and encouraging. I loved how she guided the class towards a healthy way!

She was 100% there for all of us as a group, and then in our one on one sessions at the end, which was a great way to end this cleanse, talking about what you learned in the cleanse and hearing what she observed about you during the 5 days.

What I loved most about the cleanse was how mindful you become about what you are doing, how you are doing it, and with whom you do it. So many lessons were learned:

  • The workouts push you out of your comfort zone but totally doable
  • She provided you with menu options which I found to be a great way to experiment with new foods and spices. I loved following a recipe, makes you think about what is going into the meal you are preparing to eat. Making time for “YOU”, a 45 minute walk in the morning, I found kept me more focused during the day.
  • Electronics off at 8:30pm, well at first I thought ..no way! But then I tried it and I get it now! We all need to unplug even if its just for the last hours of the day!
  • The group meeting gave us all a time to share our challenges and achievements. It was empowering for me and a nice way to meet new people. Thank you Colette!
Laura Fabrizio


The woman knows her stuff!

I started working with Colette on a one-on-one basis. I am a stubborn creature of habit, so she had her work cut out for her. She was always upbeat and encouraging, even when I wasn’t doing what I said I would. She managed to help me change many of my unhealthy eating habits, and as a result I lost the weight I was looking to lose. However, when it came to my fitness goals, I just couldn’t make the leap to accomplish those goals.

But here’s where the magic of Colette comes into play…

Recognizing that I wasn’t going to make the change on my own, she came up with a creative solution. She suggested that she work with me along with my staff in a group setting at my office. I guess she thought the extra accountability would be just what I needed.

So smart! It worked!

She came to the office weekly and coached us individually and as a group. She came up with clever ideas that were easily managed during the work day.

Thanks so much Colette for not giving up on me, and for figuring out how to help me get out of my own way. And for encouraging my staff to live their best healthiest lives too.

Much love, Pam Gurman
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